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Back on rock!

The 6 weeks of rest and the 2 months of routesetting are finally over…and now it’s time to climb on rock again! The finger seems to be recover and I can climb almost without pain.
After the injury I was scared of not be able to climb again as before and I was really worried about that. It’s strange, but now, after the long rest and without any training, I feel stronger and I’ve never been so motivated in climbing before. The fear of getting injuried again is slowly disappearing and I feel ready to try some hard stuffs again.
This year I will not take part in competition (except some masters and the italian championship in november) to let my finger recover completely and I will be focused only on rock climbing and some multipitch routes, that I really want to try since years.

So, what has happened during the last two weeks…

The first days on rock weren’t too bad, as I made a quick ascents in Arco of “Mr Teroldego” 8c and another route just a little bit easier, on the left of this one. What can I say…I was really surprised to be able to climb this routes after a long rest like that!

Now I’m since 10 days in Ceuse, and it’s awesome as usual. It’s so motivating to climb on this perfect rock, to be outside with my grilfriend and to hang out with the old friends: I’m feeling so free here and that’s the best way for me to climb well and be motivated all the time!

I will leave on thursday from Aix to take part at the Vibram Natural Games in Millau, but I will come back for sure as soon as possible to finish some buisness ;)

Have fun on rock!

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