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Short trip in Spain

As every year, we decided to spend the Christmas holidays in the sunny Spain. This year the plan changed a little bit, as we wanted to see something new and to climb on different styles…so after a looooong drive, Melissa and I arrived in the famous Oliana: the crag is impressive and  all the routes are all really long and pumpy!
It was really hard for us to climb after the long drive, so we just enjoyed easy routes to get the right feeling with the rock again. After a good sleeping in the new “motor home”, we hiked to the crag to make our way up trough the 50 meters long wall. I really liked the climbing there, even if I’m not used to, and I can’t wait to go back in this nice crag.
The evening we moved to Siurana to join some friends and we spent our last 3 days there.
The first day we climbed in the Can Pigui Pugui sector, where Melissa did easily a nice 8b+, that she tried during the last trip, while I got frustrated on “A muerte”… it was really impressive to see her climb..everything seems so easy!
We spent the 2 following days in the “El Pati” sector; I was really happy to climb there, as I’ve never been there in 5 trips in Siurana.
After the warming up on some classics on the right, Melissa figured out the moves of Kalea Borrroka, the king line of the sector; after a good explication, I decided to gave a try, and 20 minutes after I clipped the chain of my first 8b+ flash… that’s what I call a nice end of the year! I spent the last day trying Patinoso, while Melissa felt 3 times at the last move of Kalea: what a pity!

Unfortunately our holidays were over and we had to drive back to Aix … time to work!

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