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Injury and the Saustall project

After one busy week of route setting, I found some free time to go back in Saustall to complete the project I was trying there. This route was always turning in my mind: her story  and the beauty of the moves pushed me to invest a lot of time on it. I felt closer every day and I really wanted to climb it.

I went there on Monday, but it was really hot and with no wind; I warmed up  just on one 7a and I tried directly the project  in the sun to take some pictures. I slipped off a couple of times on the dyno but everything seemed ok; I waited the shadows and I made another (good) try, but I couldn’t complete it.

The day after I woke up with a bad surprise: my finger was swollen and it hurts a lot! I tried to climb a little bit, but I couldn’t; as I was really afraid to get injuried like last year, I decided to rest and to see a physio.

Luckily it seems to be just a small tendon tear, so I just have to climb on easy stuffs for 2 weeks and it should recover: I really hope so!

Unluckily the hotter season arrived, which means game over for the project until fall.

Now it’s time to recover well and to get focused on something new! … and the project will go down in less then 6 months :)

Thanks a lot to Juri for the pictures!           


All pictures Copyright © Juri Chiaramonte

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