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Lack of news…

Hello to everybody!

It has been a long time since my last post. I’m really sorry for the lack of news, but it has been a very busy period for me and I also had some troubles with my laptop, making the updating more complicated…

After my finger injury, due to some “communication problems” with the italian federation, I couldn’t compete in the world cup circuit anymore… so I decided/had to focus on something else.

It’s strange  to affirme that, but I hadn’t a lot of time to climb in the last months: my work as route setter and the organization of the “The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival” took me a lot of time and energies!

Basically, except our 4 weeks- trip to the Rocklands (post and pictures are coming soon!),  I spent the last 3/4 months screwing holds for competitions or in gyms, bolting and making everything safe for the TNF Festival in Kalymnos and driving around for other short obligations. I can’t really complain about all that, because I like to have always something new to do and to be every week in a different place, but it has been a hard period and I feel that now I need to take some time just for my self, my projects and to share good moments with my girlfriend and my friends.

By the way: check out this video to have a quick view on the new sector we bolted for the Festival… it was an hard job, but it was worth to do it:)


Now I’m leaving for France to help Melissa moving out of her house and to watch the World Championship, then we will flight to Kalymnos to enjoy the TNF Climbing Festival!

Have fun on the rocks!

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