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The last things I thought last years while leaving Rocklands was: I want to come back as soon as possible! … so, the decision was already token and it was just a matter of time and wisdom to wait to the next summer.

After some busy weeks of route setting, I just had the time to pack my stuffs and to jump in  to the airplane … and one month of bouldering in the paradise was started! :)

When we arrived in Capetown we met Haroun and Aurelien, which had to follow Melissa during the trip to edit a documentary about her. After some (rainy) days of tourism in Cape Town, we finally headed to Rocklands! Unluckily the rain didn’t stop, so we spent the first days chilling in the house and getting super motivated for our first climbing sessions.

This year we stayed in a cottage in the Pakkhuis land, so we spent the first days of climbing discovering all the sectors near the campground, doing some classics to get the the feeling with the rock and the style again. Hanging around the campground, we had the “chance” to meet a lot of new people and friends, with whom we shared the most of our trip.

The time flew too fast as always and everyday was just about big breakfasts, coffee sessions, climbing, walking, sore skin, barbecues, beer and a lot of laughing! It’s “strange” to affirm that, but finally he best things about Rocklands isn’t just the perfect rock, but mainly the awesome climbing community and the good moments you can shared  there with all the climbers.

On the climbing side, we tried to go in all the sectors we hadn’t seen last year, climbing some really good lines; but we also walked a lot to explore to find new stuffs.

Unluckily the film required a lot of time and it also rained quite a lot, so I hadn’t the time to try some projects I really would like to climb, but it doesn’t really matter as we shared such good times with new friends and we managed to do a lot of good lines.

I really would like to thank all the people we met there for the good time we had: Scott, Enzo, Steffen, Ricky, Sakari, Becky (and her breakfasts ;) ), Cody, Michele, Clement, Alex, Thys, Mark, Haroun, Aurelien, Jesse, Sarah and all the others … hope to see you guys again!

As last year, the last thing I thought stepping in the airplane was: see you soon Rocklands! :)

Thanks to Scott Noy and Frank Enz for the pictures:

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