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Last Saturday, despite the bad weather, I had quite a good birthday day.

The morning started with a special gift: a nice helicopter flight above dolomites, which has always been a little dream for me. I really have to thank Simone, who gave me the opportunity to make this experience!

As it was raining quite a lot, we decided to spent the afternoon eating and chilling,; it was funny because I suddenly jumped out of my chair saying to the others and to myself: ok, let’s go climbing! I call some friends, that were climbing in Arco to know if I could join them   quickly, and I jumped in the car. I didn’t have a lot of time and I just wanted to do the route I tried the day before, falling at the very last move; so after a 6c, I started direct in “Scoglio di Capri” and after some minutes I grabbed the last hold. I was really happy to climb this beautiful 8c in just

a bunch of tries, which is for sure one of the best of the crag and of the all region! Thank you Vale for bolting this line and all the others!

After that I immediately drove back home to not be late for the cake :)

A special thanks goes to all the friends, who tried to make me laughing during the last hard days… I’ve really appreciated that…

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