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Red River Gorge! (first week)

We finally made it to the Red!

The pictures of this place, with his colors and rock features, have always been in my mind and now it’s a great feeling to be here…in the reality it’s even better!

After the long drive from Chicago, we spent the first two days trying to get used to the style and doing some classics; the climb here is completely different, but it’s really funny and very very pumpy!

The weather has been super hot, so we haven’t tried a lot of hard things yet, trying to save some skin and energies for the next week, as it is supposed to get colder soon.

I just tried once Pure Immagination, falling on my first attempt at the end of the lower crux and then climbing to the anchor; I’m quite sure it won’t take me too many tries, so I’ll wait  the cooler temps before to give another go.

In any case we managed to climb some really nice routes: Melissa red pointed  Tranworld Depravity 8b+, which I managed to flash, and I on sighted the long Omaha Beach, also 8b+, and some more routes up to 8b. Now it is going to rain for two days… our skin will recovered and we will be ready to going for the projects: motivation is high!

We are camping around, so we haven’t always internet, but I’ll try to post some updates every week.

Have fun!

You can find some more news and nice pictures on Melissa’s blog (

And on:–jacopo-larcher-8b–flash


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