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RRG part two

We’re already at the middle of the trip… days run so fast when you ‘re doing what you love and you are having good times.

After the hot first days, we had almost one week of crazy bad weather: Sandy, the storm which hit NY city, didn’t arrive until here, but we could feel its influence. The temperatures dropped near 0° C and it started to rain day and night; luckily our (motor)home is always waiting us just under the cliff, ready to welcome us with a hot shower and some good food. The camping car’s life is definitely very funny and relaxing: I’m really enjoying it.

It seems that everybody had the same idea for the fall… there is a huge group of strong climber here and it’s very inspiring to learn from each other and to hang out together.

Adam Ondra is also in the Red for two weeks, but after the first days he has already crushed everything and he gave an awesome show by on sighting and flashing the hardest routes of the Gorges: see him climbing Golden Ticket was for sure the most inspiring climbing effort I’ve ever seen!

On my part, I managed to climb some more classics on sight and “50 words for pump”, a steep 8c+ on amazing huecos. It was impressive to see Melissa climbing on this one, she just missed the red point for 2 millimeters… but I’m sure she will do it after the rest day.

Now I took 2 rest days, as I felt very tired and out of shape; hopefully the rest will help and tomorrow I’ll be back on the rock :)

Stay tuned

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