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News from Catalunya

I’ve been in Spain for 2 weeks now and a lot of things happened. After a quick visit to Riglos, we moved to Siurana, where we planned to spend the next 3 weeks.

As I wrote in the last post, after some days spent climbing on easy stuffs, I took a look on “Jungle Speed”, a short 9a in “La Capella” sector and I immediately felt really good on it. After some days, I came back alone to try the second crux and after some tries I figured out the best way for me to catch the big two finger pockets, from which starts the easier part of the route.

Melissa arrived and gave me a belay, but I felt 2 times touching the hold, which marks the end of the hard boulder  problem. The dark came, but I was confident and super motivated to come back on the next day.

The day after, I warmed up in El Pati with Markus (Jung), who was trying “Estado Critico”, and the evening we moved to La Capella; after a first go to figure out better the upper part, I gave a try and I finally grabbed the two finger pocket. Helped by the cheering of Dani and Markus, I climbed my way to the anchor.

I’m really happy about this one: it has been a great start of the trip and a big source of motivation for trying hard stuffs!

In the last days I had a look on “Estado Critico”, now I just have to get back some endurance before to give some serious tries.

Stay tuned

A big thank to Melissa (Le Nevé)  for the nice pictures!

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