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Christmas update

Here we are… just a short update about the last few days….

After the send of Jungle Speed, I spent some days with Klaus Dell’Orto and Pietro Bagnara filming here in Siurana: they had a really nice idea and you we will see a short presentation of the final result in a few days… stay tuned for the surprice! :)


After that I climbed mostly in “El Pati”, trying a bit Estado Critico and enjoying easier routes. I don’t know why, but I feel a bit tired and unmotivated now, and I understood that I need to take some time to relax my mind and my body, before to be able to climb hard again… so I switched to the “chill mode”…

The highpoint of the last days was the 25th, when, after a good Christmas dinner, we decided to spent a relaxing afternoon in Montsant to change style and to escape from the crowd of Siurana; I don’t like that much the climbing there, but I managed to on sight  anyways a classic 8b+, L-mens, offering me  a nice Christmas gift!

We will spend 10 more days here in Catalunya and then we will drive back to Innsbruck; I will try to store as much warm as possible, to be ready for the ice season ;)

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