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The good memories

It’s strange how sometimes we can just say the negative aspects of something, when we are pissed off with something else.

That’s actually what I understood by reading again my last post about Hueco. I could just express the negative aspect of my injury, but I wasn’t able to transmit all the good moments and memories I shared with all my friends… which is actually one of the most important thing for me and for my vision of life, traveling and climbing.

I love to get back at home knowing new people, places, cultures, stories; and having shared all that with the person I love or my friends. I feel richer after every trip.

It’s hard for me to express and to tell all these feelings in words. The best way would be to live all those moments again… but, as it’s kind of hard ;), I deem that pictures are the solution.

I can feel the positive vibes looking at these pictures, I hope you can feel them too.

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