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On the way to the TNF Kalymnos Climbing Festival!

Here we are! This year we decided to go on a different way to the Kalymnos Climbing Festival: together with Siebe (Vanhee), Manuela, DJ Gros, Alberto and Paolo, we are driving trough the Balkan with two Jeeps, stopping everyday in a different spot to climb in the morning, and traveling in the afternoon.

The first two days we climbed in Arco and Misja Pec, and now we are driving down south to Smokovac Podgorica (Montenegro), as today we were supposed to stop in Paklenica, but it was raining cats and dogs!

So far it has been a really funny experience and I’m looking forward to the next days and to our arrival in Kalymnos on the 4th: the festival is gonna be a great event again! :)

See you there!

Pictures: copyright Alberto Orlandi/Larcher Jacopo

Some multipitch climbing: “Vint ani do” and ” Des Kaisers neue Kleider”


For several years now I’ve always wanted to spend an entire summer climbing in the mountains… but for one reason or another I’ve never taken the time (or the permission) to do it. This year though I was determinate not to leave my “dreams” hidden and so, after my trip to La Reunion, I finally did what I had wanted to do for a long time.

I don’t know why, but two routes in particular continued to occupy my thoughts, probably because I’d read and seen pictures in some magazines as a child, and ever since then I’d been curious to try them, to lay my hands on them and find out for myself… and why not, perhaps even repeat them!

It’s funny how certain things can fuel our imagination and even haunt us, even if we’ve never really seen them or when they mean nothing in particular compared to many others. For me though they meant a lot: they represented an obligatory step forward, to move on from dreaming and abandoning my “fear” of an unknown aspect of climbing and actually doing something, putting myself to the test to finally achieve my dreams and goals. They were a step I needed to take, a starting point for the future.

The chance to try the first route came about almost by chance; I had a day off route setting for a competition in Austria and called my friend Pavol to try something in the Dolomites together. Thunderstorms were forecast for the early afternoon so we opted for something nearby and not too long… and “Vint ani do” seemed the perfect option. And this is how, after a beautiful day of carefree climbing without too many expectations I found myself on the summit without having ever fallen and with a big smile on my face. It really is true that sometimes you just have to go for it! ;)

The second route, Des Kaisers neue Kleider, required more energy but it is precisely for this reason, and for the fact that I shared the experience with a special person, that I’ve got fantastic memories about this route.

I have never invested so much time in a multi-pitch climb before and it was really very interesting to learn and understand the process of dealing with it all. I was so stressed on the redpoint day, all of a sudden it seemed like I was back in competitions! Because of our various commitments and the fickle weather this was the last possible day before the bad weather would set in for good and I knew it would be the last chance this year… but luckily I didn’t let the pressure get to me and sent all pitches straight off, without falling. In total it took me about ten days: some were more productive and intense, others a little less so… such as when I found myself on pitch 1 with two left shoes ;) As soon as the route had dried we made a serious ground-up attempt and fortunately things ran smoothly:)

Pictures: Klaus Dell’Orto

Reunion: the trailer