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On the way to the TNF Kalymnos Climbing Festival!

Here we are! This year we decided to go on a different way to the Kalymnos Climbing Festival: together with Siebe (Vanhee), Manuela, DJ Gros, Alberto and Paolo, we are driving trough the Balkan with two Jeeps, stopping everyday in a different spot to climb in the morning, and traveling in the afternoon.

The first two days we climbed in Arco and Misja Pec, and now we are driving down south to Smokovac Podgorica (Montenegro), as today we were supposed to stop in Paklenica, but it was raining cats and dogs!

So far it has been a really funny experience and I’m looking forward to the next days and to our arrival in Kalymnos on the 4th: the festival is gonna be a great event again! :)

See you there!

Pictures: copyright Alberto Orlandi/Larcher Jacopo

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