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15 more days off… A good opportunity to go ice climbing and skiing!

After the last post, we decided to spend the last days of 2104 in Ticino with friends. It was fun to hang out together and to enjoy the perfect granite, even if my finger was still hurting a lot. I didn’t climb much, but I got pretty frustrated seeing that there was no progression in the healing process.

When we came back, I took the decision that it didn’t make any sense to keep on climbing like that, and that I had to take a period completely off form climbing in order to heal properly. I decided to rest for 15 days, without even hang on the pull-up’s bar, hoping that it would help and that I could seriously get back in shape after this period. I was so pissed off from the situation, that it hasn’t been an hard decision to take… Climbing is always fun, but it is even funnier when you can pull hard :)

The winter isn’t a bad period to rest, there are tons of other sports to do, and other aspects of climbing to try out…so I grab my ice axes and I tried to work on my weaknesses. Ice is supposed to be good for healing injuries…isn’t it?! ;)

Ice climbing has always inspired me, but I haven’t really taken the time to practice it a lot in the past. The conditions weren’t too good, but I teamed up with some expert ice-climbers, which showed me around anyways. I really enjoyed this experience, and I definitely want to keep on doing it in the future….lets hope the temperatures will drop soon.

Behind that, I tried to spend a lot of time on the skis, in order to gain some more endurance…and to reenforce my skinny legs ;)

The period off is now finally over, and in the last days I tried to climb again. The finger feels still weird, but it is definitely healing slowly! I just have to be patient now, and not to climb too much in the next weeks…but I’m happy that things are looking up! :)

I have a lot of projects for this year!

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