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A great year has passed… but one even better awaits

2015rev2015 has been a great and intense year for me, as I had the chance to experience a lot of things, both in life and climbing. I also had to deal with a lot of small injuries, which sometimes gave me a hard time, but somehow helped me to understand the importance of be patience and don’t give up.

I enjoyed climbing in many of its aspects: changing from the warm crags of Spain, to the remote walls of the siberian tundra… from Yosemite’s big walls, to Ticino’s boulders…from ice to rock… from bolts to cams…

…but it doesn’t matter where I was, or what I was doing, I’ve always had the chance and pleasure to share those moments with nice people, close friends and important people (for me). Climbing El Cap with Babsi, and sharing all those moments together, was for sure one of the best moments of the year! :-)

It doesn’t matter if I failed, or I succeeded: I’d alway tried my best and learned something new… and that’s what I like the most about climbing: to be in the nature, to try my best and to share all that with other people.

After so many years of climbing, I’ve the feeling that I’m slowly becoming a more mature and experienced climber…even if, when I look around I realize that there are still so many other aspects of climbing to explore! Situations in which I would have to re-start from zero and get some slaps in the face, before to (maybe) slowly start to feel more confident with them. That’s actually what keeps my motivation high for the future :-)

Let’s see what the next year will bring… I have a lot of ideas and I can’t wait to see what’s about to happen!

See you around!



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