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I'm actually sharing my lecture #evolve.

Which is the meaning of climbing?

I believe that the answer is different for everybody. For me it means evolution and it is something that keeps on changing with the time.

#evolve wants to share this message, together with my vision about climbing, through images and videos of some of the most significant ascents of my career.

It tries to explain how the changes in my climbing attitude are strictly correlated with my personal “evolution”.

Climbing has always been a game for me, but it has changed over the years: it became more complex and it involves different abilities.

I will go through all the different phases of my career, trying to explain what pushed me to quit some of those aspects and to move on something new, definitely more challenging for my self.

#evolve doesn’t want to be a lecture just for a core audience, but it tries to share a more universal and personal message.

The lecture lasts about 1 hour/80 minutes and it contains:
- Introduction (speech and images)
- 25 minutes special edit (in italian, with english subtitles)
- A deeper view on a specific ascent/expedition (to decide together)
- Q&A's

If you are interested to hear my story, don’t be shy and get in touch with me or Marianna. You can find our contacts here.

Here the teaser of the lectures:

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